Mario Beauchamp's OpenEV tools and goodies

Here you will find the tools I wrote for the OpenEV GIS software as well as customized modules.
Please post any comment or question to Mario Beauchamp on the OpenEV discussion mailing list.
I am also known to hang out on #gdal as leGeddy :)


Tool Version Description Info
WMS Tool 1.07b Gives access to Web Mapping Services from which many kinds of spatial data can be obtained. Included in FWTools. Home page
Fusion Tool 3.0b Performs fusion (AKA pansharpening, pan merging) of panchromatic and RGB images
Now works from the command-line too. Numerous changes from 2.2b. Not fully tested...
Histo Enhance 1.21b Image enhancement (AKA contrast stretching, scaling) using histograms and statistical analysis Home page
Projection Tool 0.0b Early version of a raster reprojection utility. More a proof of concept than a real tool. But it does reproject UTM to geographic and back (using the EPSG codes) and can assign georeferencing information when it does not exist or modify it. Need help to hunt down a bug before any official release can happen... -


File Version Description 1.4 Enables saving with a LUT applied when "Scale to view settings" option is checked (GTiff only) 1.92 Goto working with lon/lat, open multiple files at once, open 3 files as a single RGB image, open files on remote servers, load images at 1:1 by default, added root/log/square/1:1 icons, added New Project, changed initial window size so that the viewing area is exactly 600x600
DefaultIconFile.xml - Necessary to enable extra features accessible via the iconbar
DefaultMenuFile.xml - Necessary to enable extra features accessible via the menus

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