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Vexcel Canada

OpenEV was originally developed by Atlantis Scientific Inc., which was renamed Vexcel Canada Inc., and was aquired by Microsoft in May 2006. The OpenEV viewer technology is included with Vexcel Canada's commercial software products.


"CIETmap is being built for a non-govermental organization, CIET, that focuses on community-driven planning around the world. One of the prime areas of interest is health and epidemiology, for which CIETmap is being developed. If anyone is interested in CIET, more information can be found about the organization at"

"The goal of the project is to build a freely distributable, stand-alone application for mapping survey-based information. This tool will also integrate some statistical information, and some standard GIS analysis capabilities along with some modelling techniques specific to this project."

Dave McIlhagga
President, DM Solutions Group

CIETmap Presentation given at the Open Source GIS Conference 2004 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

CIETmap is currently developed by Mario Beauchamp

American Museum of Natural History

"I wanted to let folks know that I have been using OpenEV to teach some of our introductory remote sensing courses. We used OpenEV primarily for visualization and data translation..."

Ned Horning
Center for Biodiversity and Conservation
American Museum of Natural History

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

"We are now developing a pilot, using OpenEV as the base, of the Next Version of what has so far been called the Protected Area Archive. The intent of PAA is to make Earth observation data more accessible to those without experience in remote sensing. It does this by packaging collections of jpg images with a simple to use tool to find, view, and use the images. The name stems from an initial focus on managers of parks and other protected areas, who are craving such images but really have no way to get them at the moment. However, that focus is now diversifying to users in any field who lack the expertise needed to use the existing suite of tools and data, which are very sophisticated."

Gary N. Geller, Ph.D.
Protected Areas Conservation Liaison
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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