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OpenEV People and Projects

This page is intended to capture a brief idea of people actively developing on or with OpenEV, and the projects they are working on.

Frank Warmerdam: (CVS commit, administrator)
Frank has been involved in development of OpenEV from shortly after its inception at Atlantis. He continues to provide support and guidance to the OpenEV project. Frank is also the primary developer of the GDAL and Proj.4 libraries that are used by OpenEV. He builds and distributes FWTools that is the recommended OpenEV binary release.
Mario Beauchamp: (CVS commit)
Mario has developed several OpenEV tools that are available from his website He is a developer for CITEmap, an OpenEV-based application, and is working on the GTK2 port of OpenEV (aka OpenEV2).
Steve Rawlinson: (CVS commit, administrator)
Steve was co-developer of the OpenEV core with Frank at Atlantis (now Vexcel Canada). Since leaving Atlantis in 2001, he has continued develop OpenEV-based application for private industry. Steve designed the current OpenEV website in December 2005, and provides occational updates.
Gillian Walter:
Gillian is a developer at Vexcel Canada and responsible for supporting developers at Vexcel that use OpenEV for customized commercial Vexcel applications (SAR Processing, and Inteferometric SAR). Gillian developed an architecture for incorporating "tools" into OpenEV.
Peter Farris-Manning:
Peter is a Product Manager at Vexcel Canada and provided direction for OpenEV from its inception until 2006.
Andrey Kiselev: (CVS commit access)
Andrey is a researcher and software developer at the Scientific Research Center for Ecological Safety Russian Academy of Sciences. He is an active developer on GDAL (including HDF, and JPEG2000 support), and using OpenEV for visualization.
Paul Spencer: (CVS commit access)
Paul is a developer for DM Solutions Group and is responsible for use of OpenEV as a basis of the CIETMap application for CIET. His development on CIETMap has resulted in classification and legend support, pgucombo, better color, text and 3D support. Paul is currently working on improved symbol support (raster and vector) for a project for a visualization effort for DND.
Sylvain Duclos:
Sylvain is developing an S-52 style rendering engine on top of OpenEV as a customized vector layer for S-57 maritime chart data.
Diana Esch-Mosher:
Diana works for Space Data Systems at the Los Alamos National Laboratory. She is developing a customized application on OpenEV that involves the ability easily generate masks over images. She has also implemented a mechanism for controlling menubar customization from XML files.

Please provide updates or corrections to Steve Rawlinson (srawlin)