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Notes On Building OpenEV

Getting the Source

The current development source for OpenEV is available from CVS. The only module name currently used is openev. Detailed instructions can be found on the OpenEV - CVS page, but the short answer is the following for anonymous CVS.

% cvs login 

% cvs -z3 co -P openev 

Eventually we may also prepare source tarballs.


OpenEV depends on having the following packages installed:

Building GDAL

To build GDAL:

$ wget
$ tar xzvf gdal-1.2.2.tar.gz
$ mv gdal-1.2.2 gdal
$ cd gdal
$ configure
$ make

Ensure that GDAL is located "parallel" to the openev directory, and that it is built prior to configuring OpenEV.

Building OpenEV (Unix)

Once all the required components are build and installed it should be possible to build OpenEV with a configure, and make in the openev directory. The ../openev/pymod directory should be added to the PYTHONPATH, as well as the ../gdal/pymod directory. The ../gdal directory should be in LD_LIBRARY_PATH so that can be loaded. For instance, assuming that openev and gdal are under the users home directory they might do the following:

% cd ~/openev
% configure 
% make
% setenv PYTHONPATH ~/gdal/pymod:~/openev/pymod
% setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH ~/gdal
% pymod/ utm.tif &

Note that OpenEV can read any GDAL supported file format, including GeoTIFF. The utm11-27.tif file is a small, georeferenced greyscale GeoTIFF image suitable for testing.

Building OpenEV (Windows)

On Windows OpenEV is built with MS VC++ 6.x. Download, and install the Windows port of Python normally. Download and build GDAL according to the GDAL instructions for Windows. Download and build PROJ.4 according to the PROJ.4 instructions for Windows.

Due to the relative immaturity of GTK, PyGtk, and GtkGLArea on the Windows platform, we have created our own port closely based on the general windows ports of these packages. The source tree for these can be downloaded from CVS as the pkgsrc package. This produces a 'pkgsrc' source tree that would normally be unpacked parallel to the openev source directory.

Compiling OpenEV with newer versions of MS VC++, such as .NET or 2005 are not recommended. While it will compile fine, when run the program will display a blank (black) window.

% cvs login 
% cvs -z3 co pkgsrc

It is built with the command nmake /f install in the pkgsrc directory, but first edit the pkgsrc\nmake.opt file, setting the options appropriately:

NM_BIN_DIR	=	d:\bin
NM_PYMOD_DIR	=	c:\usr\pymod
NM_PY_DIR	=	c:\Python
NM_GTK_DIR	=	$(NM_ROOT)\gtk+

The rest should normally be left unchanged, and are relative paths within the pkgsrc tree.

Once the pkgsrc stuff (and GDAL, and PROJ.4) are successfully built, you need to build OpenEV itself. OpenEV source can be extracted from CVS, or come from any other source. The openev directory should have an nmake.opt file which needs to be modified to point to the GDAL and pkgsrc trees. Once that is done, it should be possible to build and install OpenEV with the command nmake /f install.