Layers Management Dialog

The OpenEV Layers Management Dialog is used to manage the order of display layers within a view, to change between views, and to launch properties panels for layers.

  • The option menu at the top of the dialog may be used to select a view to operate on. Selecting an alternate view will cause that view to be popped up, as well as displaying the views layers in the Layers Management Dialog.

  • Each layer is listed with it's name (typically the file it comes from), and an eye icon (if visible). The order of the layers indicates their precidence when drawn, with the top most layer in the list drawn over all other layers.

  • Left clicking on a layer will cause it to become the selected (highlighted) layer. Many operations such as enhancements, and vector editing operate on the selected layer of the selected view.

  • Clicking on the eye will cause the layer to toggle between being visible, and not being visible.

  • Right clicking on the layer will cause a layer properties dialog to be displayed.