File Access

OpenEV supports a number of raster and vector file formats for display. The File->Open action will check to see if the selected file is a shapefile (ends in .shp) and if so attempt to load it as a new vector layer. If not, it will attempt to open it as a GDAL supported file format (listed below), and display it as a raster layer. If this fails, the optional OGR library is tried to see if it is another supported vector format.

Note that the File->Import action only operates on GDAL supported raster files. Vector files cannot be "imported".

Supported Raster Formats

OpenEV uses GDAL (Geospatial Data Abstraction Library) for accessing raster files, so any file formats supported by GDAL should be supported by OpenEV. The original, and authoritative list of GDAL Supported Formats should be checked for a current format list, and details of each format.

Long Format Name Code Georeferencing
Arc/Info Binary Grid AIG Yes
CEOS (Spot for instance) CEOS No
First Generation USGS DOQ DOQ1 Yes
New Labelled USGS DOQ DOQ2 Yes
Military Elevation Data DTED Yes
Eosat Fast Format EFF No
ESRI .hdr Labelled EHdr Yes
Arc/Info Binary Grid GIO Yes
TIFF / GeoTIFF GTiff Yes
Erdas Imagine .hfa HFA No
Atlantis HKV Blob HKV Yes
Atlantis MFF MFF Yes
PCI .aux Labelled PAux No
Portable Network Graphics PNG No

Supported Vector Formats

OpenEV includes builtin support for reading and writing ESRI Shapefiles. This is a widely used file format for simple vector features with attributes, including support for points, polylines and polygonal areas (potentially with holes).

Additional formats can be read via an optional linkage to the OGR vector library, providing support for formats such as Mapinfo, SDTS, S-57, Tiger, and NTF.